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Warranty for the optimization modules

All DIESELPOWER products are covered by a three year replacement warranty to the original purchaser, from date of purchase.

A serious guarantee insurance for a vehicle can only be represented by a so-called used car insurance. For these, the insurance coverage is usually very far-reaching and thus the premiums are expensive. Usually about 200, - to 300, - Euro per year or more.

Business reasons make it impossible for any company to offer such insurance, free of charge.

The free "in-house" guarantee insurances offered on the market, of competitors without a reinsurance company, high deductibles and extensive exclusions, offer the customer no advantage and usually only serve to justify missing tests and certifications of the products. The same also applies to unrealistic performance and torque data.

The H. & N. Electronics GmbH relies on tested, certified quality and functionality according to automotive guidelines.

Our certification according to national and international road traffic law, in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 ff, guarantees a consistent quality at the highest level.

All devices also have an e1 approval. In addition, nearly 600 TÜV parts certificates are available for more than 3,500 vehicle types according to § 19 StVZO.

By tested and certified tuning electronics, in principle it is not possible, to cause damage to the motor or drive train.

Electronically controlled drive cords have extensive protection functions. In case of malfunctions or overload, an emergency program must be taken. The tests for the e-approval and for TÜV parts certificates, must demonstrate that these protective functions are retained.

The legally regulated non-liability (warranty) can not be excluded from the vehicle manufacturer, even if the installed component has the necessary approvals, such as ABE, e1 certification and TÜV parts certificates. Even if unauthorized accessories have been installed, the vehicle manufacturer must pay claims from the warranty. Unless the damage was caused by the additional installed component.
(Auto Bild Nr. 41/15.10.2010)