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Development and production are carried out exclusively at our site in Germany.
„Made in Germany“

In the new CX generation of the MultiMotion® modules, only 64 MHz processors in aerospace and military quality are used. These were specifically designed to optimize the latest Euro 6 petrol and diesel injection systems to ensure an optimum quality standard.

Proven and certified quality according to automotive directives, rather than justifying motor guarantees without reinsurers and without guaranteed services.

Of course, we are already working on new and improved solutions for all diesel and gasoline engines, in order to meet the future requirements of the Euro 6c standard, which will apply from 2018 onwards.

Our certification in accordance with international road traffic legislation in line with DIN ISO 9001 guarantees consistently high quality.

All devices have e1 approval and are also compatible with Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines.

The German H. & N. Electronics GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of optimisation systems for diesel and petrol engines.

Our product groups DIESELPOWER and MultiMotion® significantly increase the efficiency of diesel and petrol engines and deliver markedly enhanced dynamics.

Established in 1990, our company is headquartered in Isny, the central nerve centre for our development, manufacturing and sales activities. Our qualified staff and trained specialists ensure reliable and timely processing of your orders.

Our products are marketed internationally through our centralised German office and branch offices in Australia and Canada. We also have distributors located around the world. The DIESELPOWER and MultiMotion names are synonymous with the best quality and customer service worldwide.