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Chiptuning for gasoline engines

More engine power for more driving fun! DIESELPOWER optimizes engine parameters to gain maximum performance out of your diesel.

more efficiency, more power, more torque. And the best part:
Despite all of this performance, you have significantly less fuel consumption.

With the use of original equipment OEM , vehicle-specific connectors the chip installation is simple and you do not need any technical knowledge . Optimization of you engine geared specifically for the do-it yourselfer!

TÜV tested for your safety and satisfaction: We always strive to cover as many types of vehicles with TUV parts certificates as possible . We currently offer almost 600 TÜV certificate for more than 3,000 types of vehicles from different manufacturers from Alfa Romeo to Volvo. All vehicles with TÜV reports are shown in the DIESELPOWER Configurator.

Since TÜV certificates are available for all private motor vehicles there is no threat of your manufacturers warranty being voided. Additional electronic modules, ensure engine protection and manufacturer's warranty. All DIESELPOWER Modules have an e1 approval ( e1 * 72/245 * 2009/19 * 4697 * 03) for electronic sub-assemblies in motor vehicles.

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Unfortunately there are no TÜV certificates available for vehicles with truck license. The test procedure for trucks requires that the engine has to be removed for exhaust tests. This is not feasible due to the efforts and costs.