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The PowerChip for all Isuzu turbo diesel engines.

If you can not find your vehicle, please use our configurator or contact our customer support.

Tested optimization modules to increase power and torque, for your Isuzu turbo diesel engine. With TÜV parts certificate ¹ for certified engine data. e1 approval for road traffic and for compliance with the latest emission regulations, with maximum possible efficiency.

For all Isuzu turbo diesel engines only versions, with state-of-the-art hardware and software in aerospace quality. Up to 10 digital and analog channels, 140 MHz processor technology, 16 finetuning mappings, as well as app control ². No technology reduced basic versions, no reprogramming required when changing vehicles ³, no unrealistic performance data.

Infiniti FX d Chiptuning - Diesel

Infiniti Q30 d Chiptuning - Diesel

Infiniti QX30 d Chiptuning - Diesel

Infiniti Q50 d Chiptuning - Diesel

Infiniti QX50 d Chiptuning - Diesel

Infiniti Q70 d Chiptuning - Diesel

Infiniti QX70 d Chiptuning - Diesel

¹ Availability according to information in the Carconfigurator ² optional ³ Changes in the sensor technology, on the part of the manufacturer, are not considered. Here additional costs can arise.