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The chip tuning triumphal march of Isny all over the world

The German H. & N. Electronics is one of the world's leading producers of systems for optimization diesel and gasoline engines. Our specially developed chip tuning technology significantly increases power, torque and economy of diesel and gasoline engines. Through our proprietary software in the modules the engine parameters are optimized.

Isny, Germany is the ancestral home of our company founded in 1990, we centrally manage the development, production and sales. Our qualified staff and specially trained professionals provide reliable and timely order processing.

The international marketing of the products is carried out centrally via Germany and offices in Australia and Canada, as well as world-based distributors. DIESEL POWER and MultiMotion stand for maximum performance, best quality, highest security and customer service worldwide.

XING - DIESEL POWER ® + Chiptuning

High performance 64 MHz CPU

Tuning the last customer cars